“Forage Cookbook brings together recipes, stories and beautiful imagery from chefs, producers and food folks from across Victoria.”


“An ocean to plate philosophy inspires everything we do. Every morning, The Atlantic team hand-picks an unrivalled selection of wild and sustainable fish, unique oyster varieties and pristine shellfish to bring to today’s menu. Some may think it obsessive to hunt for the perfect ingredient. For The Atlantic, it is a necessity.”

Donovan Cooke, The Atlantic


“This dish is about great tomatoes and cheese. The salt, oil and mint just help to bring the flavours out. We use Main Ridge Dairy cheese because they’re around the corner and their fresh goat’s curd, which they call Cashmere, is fabulous.”

Tony Lee, Foxeys Hangout


“My most treasured relationships are with Vicki and Nick from Sher Wagyu, Shultz organic dairy and Sara Schreur who grows all our herbs and leaves. The inspiration for the dish was showcasing local and foraged ingredients that were all in season at the same time.”

Alric Hansen, Small Victories


“We are blessed yearly with a great selection of stone fruit from our orchid. One of the stone fruit highlights is always the plums. We pick Japanese, blood, French and greengage plums when they are ripe (and before the birds get to them) for this dessert...”

Martin Webster, Montalto Vineyard and Olive

Each Copy of
Forage Includes

100 Recipes
300 Pages of photography
100 Chefs

“Look up the definition of ‘to forage’ and you’ll see that it’s meaning is, ‘to search widely for food or provisions.’ Synonyms for foraging might include ‘rummaging’, ‘scouring the countryside’, ‘scrounging’, ‘hunting for’, ‘picking’, ‘to look high and low’ and ‘to leave no stone unturned’, and as you’ll see it is just that the chefs featured in this beautiful book are engrossed in. They may not all be mad enough like me to stand knee deep in a local icy (but reliably pristine) stream harvesting watercress, or to tip toe around suspicious bulls for access to the best crop of stinging nettles. But no matter whether they are harvesting their own plantings, sourcing the best heirloom varieties from a farmer, revising their menus on a daily basis based on produce availability, discussing the best time of year to use beets for borscht, crossing town in search of a rumoured new supplier, sharing the name of (in their opinion) the best purveyor of octopus, or creating a product themselves from the ground up using time-honoured techniques, we all share in a common discourse. It’s always about sourcing or creating the best.”

Alla Wolf Tasker AM, Lake House Daylesford Grove


Forage is an initiative born from our time in Nepal, where we were inspired by the strong connection between the subsistence farmers, their food and the land that provides it. We want to share this land to plate connection with the Australian people, and in turn, through partnership with Australian charity Upside Nepal, support village development through agriculture enterprise in Nepal. The profits from Forage Victoria will be split with Upside Nepal with the aim of contributing $100K to incubating social enterprise in Nepal.



Cal Foulner


Stine Kristoffersen

Jess Shaver

Julia Jenkins

Tom Clapin